Released on February 1st, 2018, Rocker at Large is the latest 10-song album from guitar-slingin' indy recording artist Keith Sullivan.  It is available both digitally and in physical CD form.




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    Recorded "at large" in over 13 countries by 27 musicians, Rocker at Large is truly all over the map  --  as a head-spinning, neck-snapping, schizophrenetic array of genres attests.

     This absolutely riveting bevvy of material is not to be missed!  Extra special once-in-a-lifetime songwriting milestones include PICK A RHYTHM & GROOVE and the poignant Martin Luther King ballad, TRUTH IS KING along with U BETTER RUN -- Keith's own raucous and rousing interpretation of the twelve-bar blues art form.  Plus: so very much more!





     Hi, I’m Keith.  Thank you for visiting this site.  I’m not an entertainer per se, but I am an independent recording artist.  Unlike mega-celebrity superstars, I don’t perform concerts, tours or hock $70 t-shirts at my “shows” (because I don’t do shows).  I do spend a great deal of my own personal money to produce uplifting and inspiring music for the whole Universe.  This includes you.  So, while you are encouraged to feel free to enjoy any available free streaming of this material, remember: if you feel so inclined, I will gladly accept – humbly, and as a high compliment -- payment for my music via album or single(s) purchases.  Then it will be Your music :)  This only serves to help offset the cost of production.  That sort of assistance is most appreciated.  Plus, it allows me to create yet more music for you.  In the meantime, you’re encouraged to freely use Rocker at Large songs in any of your YouTube videos, movies, email or social media posts, etc.  I’d be happy to have you spread the music! 


Thank you again,


--- Keith




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